Saturday, July 14, 2007

Afternoon at the Arcade

I'm no fan of boxing or the bland Ikebukuro district of Tokyo, but the other day I had a little fun with both. Thanks to Michelle for finding this gem, to Jen the videographer, and to my video-skilled sister for pasting it together.


On a sad side note, this will be my last post from within Japan proper. Although after two years I have decided to move on, the backlog will ensure the blog's continuation for the foreseeable future.


Kitchen_Kitten said...

I'm sorry to hear this.

I enjoyed reading your blog and followed your adventures in Japan from the start!

I hope you find even more exciting times.

- The Kitchen Kitten

Anonymous said...

Are you going to leave us hanging on where you are going next? TunisiaTanenhaus?

Biski said...

love the video clip (nice player!). it was awesome watching you get in on the punching action. you're pretty good! you could certainly take me. : )

ジェフリー said...

Thank you for your comments Kitchen Kitten and biski.

I will keep blogging about Japan because there are still many untold stories, especially from the new school. Although postings may be less frequent, please stay tuned.

michan :) said...

ha ha ha! How awesome was that game! Good times ne!

Where did my mask go? said...

omg thats awesome I want to play that arcade game now...ahhahahahahaha

Ryan D said...

hey jeff,
i also decided that it was time to move onto something different. i left taiwan after 3.5 years back in the middle of june, did a highly-ambitious backpacking trip through s.e asia for 7 weeks and have been reeling from the experience in canada for the last two weeks. sad to hear you're leaving japan, but where to next for you? it's been great reading about your adventures and i hope you continue another blog. take care of yourself and best of luck with whatever you put your considerable talents to. keep me posted when you start posting again . cheers.